Super-charge your employee incentives with
thousands of reward options.

Add a custom rewards marketplace to your existing recognition program

Offer your employees a rewards catalogue that reflects your company values

Engentive allows you to increase your employee engagement by offering them a rewards catalogue with the latest and greatest retail products.

Thousands of Products
Thousands of Available Products
Over 300 of today's most popular brands are available on Engentive. You get to decide which ones you want to offer on your personalized Rewards Marketplace. You control what's available and who it's available to.
Dynamic Catalogue Manager
Buy Direct From the Distributor & Save
With Engentive, your rewards are purchased directly from the distributor, providing you with an average 30% discount off retail pricing on top shelf merchandise. Engentive is Canada’s lowest cost rewards platform.
Hassle-Free Fulfillment Services
2-Day Shipping & Custom Packaging
Engentive ships over 85% of all orders within 2 business days. With 100% in-house inventory, Engentive can guarantee quality control and offers custom packaging to personalize your orders and reflect your company image.
Easy Setup and Integration
Directly Integrated to your ERP
No need to onboard new software, your Engentive Rewards Marketplace will connect directly with any in-house software you are already using to monitor your employee performance. Moreover, Engentive manages all orders, shipments and returns through a simple web-based dashboard for your reporting needs.
Integrates with your Software
Fully Customizable Catalogue
Control your marketplace look and feel as well as which categories, brands, products and pricing you wish to offer to your program members. Create personalized messages, special event banners, or company-wide memos to increase communication with your employees!

Engentive Works with All Recognition Program Types

Employee recognition, sales incentives, years of service awards, channel loyalty, corporate gifting, customer loyalty -No matter your recognition program type, Engentive helps you achieve your objectives.

Engentive easily connects to your existing employee recognition or customer loyalty software. Once connected, program members will be able to shop on your custom marketplace and convert their points into tangible gifts that can be delivered to their home, or office. 

Engentive allows you to offer amazing gifts to recognize employee performance or increase customer loyalty without the pains of inventory management and expense account monitoring.

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Need help with an Engentive feature? Your Engentive Account Manager is on hand to answer any and all questions you may have. We believe in providing "wow-level" client service with everything we do.
Dedicated Account Manager
Add Your Own Rewards
Don't see the brands you want? We can add them for you. Would you like to offer personalized rewards such as VIP parking for a day, or lunch with a manager? We can help you create special redeemable perks within your marketplace.
Track Performance
Track Marketplace Performance
Track financial and engagement metrics with Engentive’s real-time analytics reports. Our comprehensive suite of marketplace metrics helps you gain insights on how to improve engagement, increase performance, and boost customer loyalty.

The Industry's Most Diverse Product Catalogue

Engentive provides you with the world's most comprehensive products catalogue. With over 300 of today's most recognized brands & 3000+ products availiable to choose from.

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